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2-DOF Robotic Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients with Gait Impairments

Cutting Edge

3-Axis CNC Wood Router, designed and manufactured in 5 weeks for $1700


Team of autonomous robots to play hockey in competition

Quadrotor Control and Path Planning

Wrote MATLAB code for path planning, PD control and minimum-snap trajectory optimization for CrazyFlie quadrotor

Autonomous Car

Built and programmed a car to navigate roads using computer vision and sensor fusion


CNC machined chess-set with contoured and woodworked board


Custom-designed Bluetooth speaker with housing and driver circuitry, and code in C to interface with ATMega-32 micro-controller

Geneva Gearbox Validation Rig

Designed and built a testing rig of hysteresis clutches to break-in and validate Geneva gearboxes

Burger Bun Detection

Implemented the hardware and software necessary to robustly detect the location of buns on the conveyor of a hamburger robot

Guitar Overdrive Pedal

Clone of the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer overdrive pedal

Stirling Engine

Gamma-Type Stirling Engine, designed and machined out of aluminum, brass and steel

Face Swapping

Detected and swapped faces between videos (similar to the popular SnapChat feature) using openCV and Dlib in Python

Aerodynamic Simulations

Performed various CFD, panel method and MATLAB Aerodynamics Toolbox simulations to analyze performance of airfoils and other objects

Face Morphing

MATLAB algorithm to morph faces by matching features using a Delaunay triangulation and image cross-dissolving

Injection Mold

Designed, modeled and manufactured over 100 injection molded guitar string winders!

Dynamic Face Tracking

Identified and tracked the motion of faces in video using openCV and optical flow

Wind Turbine

Placed first in a competition to generate the most electric power when pushed down a 70m hallway

JoustBot (Custom PCBs!)

Wifi-controlled robot with custom-designed micro-controller and motor-controller PCBs

War Machine Helmet

Designed and CNC-milled a War Machine helmet as a cool piece of desk candy

String Winder

Urethane-molded a tool to speed up the process of winding new strings onto my guitar

FSAE Quickjack

Designed, simulated and collaborated on the manufacture of a device to move and modify an electric race car during competition

Vise Stop

As part of an Integrated Product Design course, I designed and machined a Vise Stop from Low Carbon Steel. It was a gripping experience.

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