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One of our matches from Competition Day. We're Team 6.


(Autonomous Robots That Play Hockey)

The final project in my graduate-level Mechatronics course (MEAM 510) required a semesters worth of mechanical, electronic and embedded-systems programming skill. I worked with Eli Gottlieb, Julia Lin and Becky Abramowitz over 5 weeks to design, build and program three fully-autonomous robots that played hockey.

The challenge of the project was to create fast, powerful robots that could localize and navigate a rink, find an IR-emitting puck, and maneuver past opposing robots to reach a goal. The process of localization involved using a sensor from a Nintendo Wii remote to detect a constellation of IR lights above the rink, in order to determine the robots position on the rink. Our robots detected the puck using a ring of phototransistors around their circumference.

I took responsibility for the electrical design of both the designated "Striker" bots, and worked with Julia to produce our "Guardbot"'s circuitry. I worked in tandem with Eli and Julia to laser-cut, 3D print and machine parts for the assembly of the robot chassis. I also wrote logic in C for the interactions between the micro-controllers' Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and our ring of phototransistors, as well as code for using timer circuits to interact with our motor-controllers for drive control.

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