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For my year-long capstone senior design project, 5 other engineers and I designed and built a 2 DOF robotic exoskeleton for the rehabilitation of stroke patients. Our device, RehabiliGait, was designed to specifically treat patients suffering from drop foot, a gait impairment that deteriorates a patient's coordination.


Our device allowed patients to correct their walking cycles via real-time gait sensing and resistive haptic feedback. RehabiliGait effectively gives patients the feedback necessary to correct their gait real-time.

RehabiliGait uses encoders to track the positions of a patient's knee and hip joints. Resistance is then applied at these joints to direct patients to follow the correct gait (pre-input for them by physical therapists) using custom-designed servo-actuated friction-braking mechanisms.

​My primary contributions to this project included project management, mechanical design of the braking mechanism and integration of the electronic components.

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