Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

As part of a lab corresponding with my class in Fluid Dynamics, I built a MATLAB model, performed SolidWorks simulations and built a 13' diameter vertical axis wind turbine. The goal of this project was to build a turbine to generate the maximum electrical energy possible when connected to a DC motor, while being pushed down a 70m hallway. My team (Jay Fleischer, Liam Gallagher and I) had the highest power output (13.3W) out of 25 competing teams. 

This 3 week project proved to be a rigorous exercise in rapidly prototyping miniature models, verifying numerical models with experimental data, and scaling prototypes into functioning, full-scale mechanisms using dimensionless analysis.

© 2019 by Adnan Jafferjee. 

SolidWorks Flow Simulation

We conducted simulations on the three proposed turbine geometries to identify max torques, pressure gradients, chatter at certain points of turbine revolution